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UK Border to Coast pension appointed FountainCap as its China Equity Manager


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(Hong Kong, 8 October 2020) FountainCap Research and Investment (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (“FountainCap”) was appointed as one of two specialist China equity managers by the Border to Coast Pensions Partnership (“Border to Coast”), one of the largest public sector pension pools in the UK with over £49 billion in AUM, to manage its China equity investments. FountainCap together with UBS Asset Management won the mandate after a rigorous and competitive bidding process.  


Reflecting the increasing importance of China within emerging markets, Border to Coast is creating two separate sleeves within its Emerging Market Equity Fund – one for China to complement the internally managed sleeve. It is expected that £300-500m will be allocated to the two managers, subject to market movements and the investment decisions of Border to Coasts’ eleven Partner Funds. 


The public tender attracted the participation of over 50 China equity managers, many of which were large domestic China and foreign asset management companies. All applicants were assessed for their technical quality, value for money and complementarity of fit. Significant emphasis was placed on the investment approach and the extent to which responsible investment factors were embedded in the investment process. After multiple rounds of assessments and interviews, FountainCap was selected for its commitment to fundamental long-term investment, systematic investment process, and deep local knowledge across China to uncover opportunities. 


Frank Ding, Chairman and CIO of FountainCap said: “We are thrilled to be appointed as one of only two China equity managers and grateful to Border to Coast for this opportunity. Winning this mandate is not only a strong endorsement to our fundamental long-term investment strategy, investment process and execution capabilities, but it is also a vote of confidence that FountainCap can do even better in the future. We are excited to start this new partnership with Border to Coast and look forward to using our research and investment expertise in generating consistent superior long-term investment results for their China investments.” 


Subject to FCA approval, the Fund is scheduled to be restructured in early 2021 by Border to Coast, who will officially appoint FountainCap as the specialist China Equity Manager. 



About FountainCap Research & Investment (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. 

Led by veteran China investor, Frank Ding, the investment team are sector/industry specialists with a combined China investment experience of over 60 years and across eight global market cycles. All investment professionals in FountainCap are equipped with both global investment knowledge and expertise and have a deep understanding of China’s economy and market. The company’s objective aims to consistently generate superior long term investment results and provide the best services to its clients.  

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