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FountainCap Wins Asia Asset Management Best of the Best Award


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(Hong Kong, 27 January 2022) FountainCap Research & Investment (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (“FountainCap”) has won the “Best of the Best Performance Awards – Greater China Equity (5 Years)“ award from Asia Asset Management. Over the past few years, FountainCap’s team has won several industry distinctions for its strong track record supported by its in-depth China investment research and disciplined, long-term investment approach. 2021 was a difficult year for many China fund managers, yet FountainCap overcame numerous challenges and reached new heights with record inflows into its strategy. It ended the year with assets under management of over US$1.6 billion.



About FountainCap Research & Investment (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Led by veteran China investor Frank Ding, the investment team is composed of sector and industry specialists that have a combined China investment experience of over 60 years and across eight global market cycles. Investment professionals at FountainCap are equipped with global investment knowledge and expertise and have a deep understanding of China's economy and market. The company aims to generate consistent long-term investment results and provide the best services to its clients.

The past seven years have seen one of the most challenging periods for China equity investment in history but FountainCap successfully navigated through a series of crises and market downturns. Through investing in companies with strong fundamentals and adhering to its long-term investment strategy, FountainCap is becoming a trusted China partner for global investors and continues to expand its institutional client base. FountainCap was appointed as a dedicated China manager for one of the UK’s largest public pension pools in 2020 and launched its UCITS Fund in July 2021, allowing for greater access to its strategy.

About Asia Asset Management Best of the Best Awards

Asia Asset Management commenced publication in December 1995. It has since grown into one of the most influential media platforms in Asia’s asset management industry and enjoys high visibility in the Asia-Pacific financial community. The annual Best of the Best Award has been held in Hong Kong for the past 19 years to recognize the outstanding achievements of banks, insurance companies, funds, and global asset management companies.

The coverage period for the Best of the Best Performance Awards – Greater China Equity (5 Years) is September 2016 to September 2021, with geographical coverage across Greater China markets including mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The panel of external judges and Asia Asset Management representatives base their decisions on a range of qualitative and quantitative factors, including historical track record, business growth and structure, application of technology, securities servicing, innovative products and industry leadership. The panel has shortlisted about half a dozen candidates for this award category (Greater China Equity (5 Years)) and granted the award to the top-ranked one. The award is not indicative of the advisor’s future performance and it may not be representative of any one evaluator’s experience because the award reflects an average of all, or a sample of all, of the experiences of the evaluators. Asia Asset Management created the award and the advisor paid an entry fee of US$250 to be included in the selections of the award program. No payment has been made to Asia Asset Management for the advisor’s right to promote its receipt of the award. The advisor was not required to be a member of an organization to be eligible to receive the award. The award was independently granted.

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